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Capacity Building & Engagement Consultant

Jan 17, 2018
Seattle AIDS Legacy Memorial


Seattle AIDS Legacy Memorial Overview:
The Seattle AIDS Legacy Memorial (SALM) Project is seeking a consultant to help fulfill one of SALM’s goals: Tell the history of Seattle/King County’s AIDS crisis of the 1980s-90s and to capture the lessons of the crisis and diverse community responses to it. Applicants are advised to read the summary of the SALM Project here.

The Seattle Department of Neighborhoods has approved funding of the 2018 Inreach Initiative which will focus on opportunities for African Americans and its diaspora as well as for other communities of color, including Latinx, Asians, Pacific Islanders, First Peoples, and Alaska Natives to tell stories about living with HIV/AIDS; stories from the friends and loved ones of those living with or having died from HIV/AIDS; and stories about those who engaged or engage in the work of ending HIV/AIDS. The Inreach Initiative will also gather stories from others within and without ethnically diverse LGBTQ and QTPOC communities to build out the Seattle AIDS Legacy Memorial’s HIV/AIDS Story Bank.

The selected Capacity Building and Engagement Consultant will be responsible for identifying and working with Individuals and partnering with organizations engaged in community-based health promotion and disease prevention in African-American communities and other communities of color to help capture authentic stories to go into the HIV/AIDS Story Bank.

It will be the Capacity Building and Engagement Consultant’s responsibility to seek/attract individuals who have authentic stories to contribute and to identify partnering organizations which have 1) the respect and trust of leaders and community members within the communities they serve; 2) the capacity to build influential and collaborative relationships, especially to recruit and create sustained engagements with volunteers; and 3) the experience and ability to help collect stories and oral histories from these priority communities.

The Inreach Initiative intends to change the prevailing narrative of HIV/AIDS as a disease of gay white cisgender males. It will center race and social equity in telling the story of AIDS in Seattle in the 1980s and 90s and will create a fuller recognition and embrace of the disproportionate impact of AIDS on communities of color and the compounding trauma suffered as a result. The Inreach Initiative seeks to surface stories too often unseen, unheard, invalidated, and now at risk of being lost to the passage of time. This SALM RFQ is a call to action by including racially and ethnically
diverse community members.

The Inreach Initiative will hold a capstone celebratory event in December 2018 to showcase the results of the Capacity and Engagement work of the year and to encourage further community participation by communities of color.

Capacity & Engagement Consultant Overview

Title: Capacity Building & Engagement Consultant. This RFQs is open to individuals and organizations interested in gathering stories from the communities of color listed herein to result in contributions to the SALM HIV/AIDS Story Bank.
Reports to: Co-Chairs of the SALM Community Inreach Committee
Number of Project Work Hours: Variable- estimated at 16 to 20 per week for a 48-week contract
Compensation: The maximum compensation for all consultant work is Thirty-Nine Thousand Dollars ($39,000.00).
RFP Response Deadline: Early Request for Qualification (RFQs) responses are encouraged. The published Deadline is January 25, 2018. (NOTE: The application period is extended, and applications will be reviewed as received beginning on January 31, 2018. The SALM Inreach Subcommittee and the SALM Steering Committee reserve the right to accept, reject or consider other RFQ submissions as they deem appropriate.)

Position Description: The Capacity Building & Engagement Consultant will
· Identify individuals and prospective Partner Organizations
· Engage individuals from communities of color in contributing stories to the HIV/AIDS Story Bank
· Engage and assist staff, volunteers, and clients of Partner Organizations in seeking and recording HIV/AIDS Story Bank stories
· Train Partner Organization staff and volunteers about recruiting story-telling volunteers and collecting their stories
· Maintain supportive and positive relations with both individuals and Partner Organizations
· Train HIV/AIDS Story Bank Story-Gatherer Volunteers
· Plan HIV/AIDS Story Bank events with Partner Organizations and others
· Support Partner Organization cohort events planning and activities and follow-up
· Provide training to record all volunteer hours relating to Inreach Initiative
· Identify opportunities to include HIV/AIDS Story Bank and other story-telling activities at health promotion and community organizing events
· Plan and staff quarterly convenings of community and or Partner Organization Cohort meetings
· Attend and report on monthly HIV/AIDS story gathering and other activities at SALM Community Inreach Committee meetings
· Serve as lead staff supporting Partner Organizations in all aspects of planning and delivering the December 2018 capstone event

Required Qualifications:
· Demonstrated knowledge of and experience working with Seattle’s African American and its Diaspora, other communities of color, and LGBTQ/QTPOC communities with whom the Inreach Initiative is seeking to connect
· Experience in community organizing and inreach/outreach activities
· Experience creating, coordinating, and delivering high-quality innovative events and programs within racially and ethnically diverse communities
· Strong meeting planning and facilitation skills employing consensus or other democratic methods that result in maximum participant inclusion and bottom-up decision-making
· Experience recruiting, training, coaching, supporting, recognizing, and retaining volunteers
· Professional, friendly, and informative oral and written communication abilities
· Familiarity working with news media
· Experienced and comfortable working in an environment in which racial equity and confronting structural racism will be the topic of some discussions, meeting activities, and events
· Experienced and comfortable working in an environment in which topics of HIV/AIDS, race, disability, sexuality, sexual orientation, and gender identify and expression are an integral part of the work
· Proficient with Microsoft Office Suite
· Willing to work on a flexible schedule, including nights and weekends
· Demonstrated ability to create a story engagement process that will result in a minimum of 165 initial stories for the HIV/AIDS Story Bank

To Apply: Applicants for this contract position should visit here to learn more and apply as soon as possible. The application period is extended, and applications will be reviewed as received beginning on January 31, 2018. Please email to a résumé, a letter of application that summarizes how your experience has prepared you to meet the goals of the SALM Inreach Initiative, a 250-word summary of your proposed project approach to gather authentic HIV/AIDS stories from the focused communities the Inreach Initiative seeks to engage, and three professional references. Please note that all application materials, including the summary letter, must be submitted as file attachments. Thank you.