2015 Scholarship Recipients

  • Allison-Brown-Forerest_145x135
    Forrest Allison-Brown
    Forrest will be pursuing a Bachelor’s of European Politics at King’s College London. Stemming from an interactive globe he received as a child, his fascination with languages and cultures has driven him to partake in activities like Hands for a Bridge, a local social justice program based on international affairs. Forrest’s goal is to work for an NGO such as Amnesty International that puts pressure on governments that allow human rights violations to take place.
  • Nikki_Prom2015_145x135
    Nikki Bennington
    Nikki will be attending Macalester College and will pursue an undergraduate pre-medicine degree with a focus on neurobiology or psychology. They hope to study sexuality and gender in a biological context in order to push change in the cultural perception of these non-conforming identities, and to also work against ingrained prejudices within the medical field about the queer community.
  • Beltran-Oscar-Veronica_145x135
    Oscar / Veronica Beltran
    Oscar/Veronica is completing an Associate’s degree and Women’s Studies certificate at Clark College, where they have served as President of the Queer Penguins and Multicultural Students Club. They have also worked as a Peer Mentor in the Center of Diversity and Equity. In the fall, they plan to continue studies at WSU with a degree in Communications and Women’s Studies in order to continue to work with marginalized students on college campuses.
  • Bryson-Doyle-Anne_145x135
    Anne Bryson Doyle
    Anne has returned to school to pursue a degree in social work. As the mother of 7 foster-to adopt children, she has become a strong voice for the need for permanence for children like hers, winning the Stella Mae Carmichael Award in 2008 and joining the board of directors for Amara in 2011. Anne’s goal is to complete her MSW and work to change the foster care system to achieve permanence for every child.
  • Garcia,-Rigo_145x135
    Rigoberto Garcia
    Valle de Banderas, Mexico
    Rigoberto is currently pursuing a degree in accounting at Seattle University and wishes to serve as a positive role model. He volunteers at the Rainbow Center in Tacoma, Washington where he founded El Batallón Unido, an educational group that informs the LGBTQ Latino/a community about available resources. As a first-generation student and a gay male, Rigoberto’s passion lies in advocating for the LGBTQ community hoping to empower them to reach their highest potential.
  • Haase-Lanier,-Dustina_145x135
    Dustina Haase-Lanier
    Dustina is attending Washington State University – Vancouver, pursuing an undergraduate degree in psychology and women’s studies, with the ultimate goal of a Master’s and doctorate in Social Work. A long time domestic violence and sexual assault advocate, she is an activist, speaking out and organizing to highlight the roots of domestic and sexual violence as forms of oppression and shows that the work to end violence is inextricably linked to the work to end all forms of injustice and oppression. 
  • Hill,-Kelly_145x135
    Kelly Hill
    Kelly attends Antioch University while working toward her Master’s degree in clinical mental health counseling. She is an advocate and activist within the HIV, LGBTQ and disability communities. Since 2005 she has been providing peer support to other women living with HIV. She believes in approaching her work through a lens of social justice and she plans on providing mental health services to underserved and marginalized populations. Kelly is the recipient of the Future Ribbons Scholarship.
  • Imbrone,-Katy_145x135
    Katy Imbrone
    St. Paul, MN
    Katy is a 27-year old returning student and mathematics tutor studying mathematics and education at the Evergreen State College. She is passionate about education and working class reform and empowerment, with the goal of deconstructing the systematic tracking-out of students from technical fields and mathematics. Katy is pursuing a dual BA/BS with a focus in Applied Mathematics and Pedagogy, with plans to become a middle or high school mathematics teacher. 
  • Kaiser,-Lane_145x135
    Lane Kaiser
    Lane is currently working towards his Bachelor’s at Portland State University’s School of Social Work. As a transgender man from a military town, Lane understands all too well the hardships that LGBT youth experience. Like many trans youth, he has overcome financial hardship, harassment and discrimination. After completing his degree, Lane will work on an accredited level to continue his current work helping marginalized youth access systems and obtain social justice. 
  • King,-Eric_145x135
    Eric King
    Eric is currently a junior at the University of Washington in the School of Public Health. Throughout the past two years Eric has gained research experience in the Department of Neurological Surgery focusing on glioblastoma. At a young age Eric experienced several health disparities, and though his public health education he plans to advocate for increased health access for marginalized populations in the battle against the health inequality crisis.  
  • Kirkham,-Lindsey_145x135
    Lindsey Kirkham
    Bonney Lake
    Lindsey Kirkham is a third year student at the University of Washington pursuing a dual degree in public health and sociology. Her social activism focuses on HIV, sexual violence, LGBTQ issues, feminism and intersectionality. She is the founder of the Bi Women Support Network. After graduation, she hopes to join the Peace Corps and pursue a Master’s degree in public health. 
  • Campagna-Krys_145x135
    Krystal Campagna
    San Jose, CA
    Krystal is attending Bastyr University and pursuing an undergraduate degree in Nutrition and Culinary Arts. She is an advocate for homeless youth and LGBTQ rights and, in the future, Krystal hopes to open her own non-profit organization geared toward helping homeless youth in the queer community. According to Krystal, even helping one youth at a time can make all the difference in the world. 
  • Mike Carrillo
    Michael is a Latino trans* male attending the Science and Math Institute. He advocates for LGBTQ rights and immigration laws in his community. One day he wants to become a teacher to inspire students to advocate for their rights. He has interned at different middle schools in Tacoma as well as the Rainbow Center to educate himself about the LGBTQ community and what it takes to become a teacher. Michael is the recipient of a Rich Thoelke Memorial Scholarship.
  • Chavarria-Calderon-Audrey_145x135
    Audrey Chavarria Calderon
    Mexico City
    Audrey studies Computer Science at the University of Washington – Tacoma. Audrey and his family moved to Washington from Alabama because of a rising wave of anti-immigrant laws and hostility against members of the LGBTQ community. He is a leader of the Latino LGBTQ group El Batallón Unido at the Rainbow Center in Tacoma. He also works to motivate Latinos and minorities to attend college and study Computer Science. Audrey is the recipient of a Microsoft Scholarship.
  • Chen,-Mitchell_145x135
    Mitchell Chen
    Mitchell is currently attending the University of Washington and is pursuing undergraduate degrees in Microbiology and Biochemistry and minoring in Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies. He has found a lifelong passion in serving the LGBTQ community, especially in emphasizing an intersectional approach to advocacy, education, and community building. Mitchell’s long-term goals include becoming a family doctor to remove gatekeeping and obstacles to good health in the LGBTQ community.
  • Christian,-Danisha_145x135
    Danisha Christian
    Danisha began her career in social justice and activism in 1994. She has had a successful career in community organizing and public policy that has allowed her the opportunity to work on a wide range of issues impacting LGBTQ communities. She has also worked in health care as a Holistic Fertility Specialist, helping women who struggle to conceive in traditional methods. Danisha is currently in school to become a primary care physician for disenfranchised communities. 
  • Chantelle Korver
    Rancho Cucamonga, CA
    Chantelle is working on a Bachelors/ Masters degree in Acupuncture and East Asian Medicine at Bastyr University. They will follow this with a Doctorate of Naturopathic medicine, and eventually open an integrated clinic with their life partner. They wish to create an open and welcoming environment, where people of any identity can seek healing without prejudice and without judgment. Chantelle is committed to ensuring medical access to homeless youth, forty percent of which are LGBTQ. 
  • LaBerge,-Nick_145x135
    Nick LaBerge
    Nick is a high school senior at the Charles Wright Academy in Tacoma. He is the senior class president and Cross-Country and Track Captain. He founded the “Everything is Awesome Club” dedicated to the school’s LGBTQ students. Nick has committed to Claremont McKenna College in California for his undergraduate education, where he intends to pursue his interests in Science, Ceramic Art and Economics.
  • Mendenhall,-Deanna_145x135
    Deanna Mendenhall
    Silverton, OR
    Deanna is currently attending North Seattle Community College pursuing her AA in order to transfer to a four year university. After a five year break in traditional schooling, she is incredibly excited to be back in the world of academia. She has served two years of national service with AmeriCorps and has worked extensively with at-risk youth. She is a passionate advocate for LGBTQ rights. She loves nature and leaving her comfort zone.
  • Middlestead,-Hannah_145x135
    Hannah Middlestead
    Port Angeles
    Hannah is applying to several top universities, and plans to double major in Chemistry and Botany. She is going to become an ethnopharmacologist after she gets her PhD. In this field, she will be developing medicine from plants to cure diseases that affect everyone, such as HIV. She is especially motivated in this field, having had a close relative who was a member of the LGBT community die of AIDS. Hannah is the recipient of a Rich Thoelke Memorial Scholarship.
  • Morfin-Montes-de-Oca,-Ernesto_145x135
    Ernesto Morfin Montes de Oca
    Federal Way
    Ernesto loves to take the hardest classes in his school. He has been nominated as a presidential scholar and has won or placed in a diverse range of competitive events such as running, pole vault, swimming, diving and speech and debate. As a student government leader and an advocate for the LGBTQ community, students look up to him and ask him for advice or help with their problems. He plans to pursue a degree in Chemisty. Ernesto is the recipient of the GSBA Founders’ Scholarship.
  • Perez,-Jazmine_145x135
    Jazmine Perez
    Jazmine is studying Physiology and Gender, Women, Sexuality Studies at the University of Washington. As the Program Coordinator for SARVA (Sexual Assault and Relationship Violence Activists), she hopes to create a culture at UW that does not tolerate power based violence. Her goal is to become a Psychiatrist, focusing on sexual assault trauma and understands there are a disproportionate number of LGBTQ and people of color who experience this type of violence. Jazmine is the recipient of a Glenn Johnson and Michael Melancon Bright Horizon Scholarship.
  • Arieta,-Mick_145x135
    Mick Arieta
    New York, NY
    Mick is a graduating senior at the Evergreen State College, concentrating in public policy and sustainability. He is pursuing a graduate degree in urban planning. His career interest in advocacy and policy work began with his gender transition and experiences as a New York City activist. Mick is dedicated to promoting sustainable and equitable urban development to improve the lives of LGBTQ communities.
  • Alik-Brundrett_145x135
    Alik Brundrett
    Boulder, CO
    Alik is attending the Art Institute of Seattle and is in his final year of the BFA Web/Graphic Design program. He works as a Digital Media Designer for Planned Parenthood of the Great Northwest in Seattle, and is on the Board of Advocates for the non-profit group Seattle Subway. Alik uses his design and digital media skills to raise awareness of LGBT healthcare & advocacy groups in the Northwest.
  • Heni Barnes
    Heni is attending the University of Alaska and will earn an undergraduate degree in Geological Engineering. She is working towards a career as a Planetary Geological Engineer for NASA or a private space company. She helped create a GSA in high school and continues to work within the LGBT community at college involved in both the GSA and with PFLAG. She is excited to represent LGBT women of color in the field of Engineering.
  • Poteet,-Althea_145x135
    Althea Poteet
    Althea is a senior at Interlake High School. She will be graduating in June, and will also be receiving an Associate of Arts and Sciences degree from Bellevue College through the Running Start program. A queer youth leader in her LGBTQ community, Althea hopes to pursue an undergraduate degree in neuroscience in the fall.
  • Rapinan,-Zane_145x135
    Zane RapiƱan
    Zane selfidentifies as genderqueer, a radical activist and a polymath. They are receiving an AS degree from Seattle Central College, where they serve as president of the Queer Straight Alliance, and plan to transfer to the University of Washington to pursue an undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering. Zane has shown over a decade of commitment to social justice, and hopes to continue participation in anti-oppression work, grassroots networking and personal development. Zane is the recipient of a Microsoft Scholarship.
  • Rezayat,-Colby_145x135
    Colby Rezayat
    Bainbridge Island
    Colby is seeking his Master’s in Social Work at the University of Washington. He has spent the last three years as an advocate for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. He also works as a clinical intern with Compass Health in Mount Vernon. He hopes to combine his passions for mental health, the LGBTQ communities and anti-violence work.
  • Rivera,-Zeena_145x135
    Zeena Rivera
    Des Moines
    Zeena is a first-year Humanities for Leadership student at Seattle University. She is the founder and editor-in-chief of Be! Magazine and is now on Hall Council She is involved in Campus Ministry as one of the leaders for Gender and Sexuality Programming where she planned Transgender Day of Remembrance. Academically, she is driven and wants to become a professor to study the psychology of sexuality and gender.
  • Serrano,-Juan_145x135
    Juan Serrano
    White Swan
    Juan is a senior in high school. He is in numerous school clubs, and serves as a student government officer. He is also involved in three very different sports: cheer, wrestling and tennis. Being able to be involved in so many clubs, Juan says that he wants to work on increasing the number of teen-friendly LGBTQ events. Inspired by his own guidance counselor in high school, he wants become a counselor to inspire young teens both inside and outside of their schools. 
  • Sternhagen,-Sherry_145x135
    Sherry Sternhagen
    Sherry is pursuing an undergraduate degree in Social Work at the University of Washington. Through feminist, anti-racist, queer identified activism, Sherry is dedicated to the struggle to end oppression and promote social justice. Some long term goals include providing sexual education to LGBTQ teens, offering doula birth support to women in low resource communities and teaching media literacy. Sherry plans to pursue an MSW and a PhD in Gender Studies.
  • Angela Tang
    Angela is a student at Whitman College studying Economics. An advocate for equality for communities of color and LGBTQ communities, she hopes to instigate change through implementing social justice programming at Whitman as Co-President of GLBTQ, Chairperson of the Power & Privilege Symposium and Resident Assistant of the Asian Studies House. Her long term goal is to achieve economic equity through public policy or leadership in corporate business. Angela is the recipent of a Chester Podlodowski Memorial Scholarship.
  • Harley Tonelli
    Harley is a Seattle native currently studying at Berklee College of Music in Boston. Majoring in Music Business & Management, Harley hopes to use this training as a tool to expand visibility and facilitate the success of LGBTQ+ and other marginalized artists in the music industry. Harley currently serves as a Peer Advisor for incoming students, and is the Communications Director for the Berklee Internet Radio Network. Harley is the recipient of a David Barzilai Memorial Scholarship.
  • Weaver,-Julia_145x135
    Julia Weaver
    Julia is a 17- year old completing their last year of high school. As part of the Running Start program, they will be graduating with their diploma and an Associate of Arts degree. They plan on going to college and earning a Master’s degree in Environmental Engineering. Julia has been a long time youth leadership council member at their local LGBTQ+ nonprofit youth organization and a volunteer for planned parenthood. 
  • Mick Miegenstein
    Mick is attending Portland State University and pursuing undergraduate degrees in German and Architecture with the goal of attending a graduate program in historic preservation. His goal is to restore and preserve architectural manifestations of our cultural heritage with the aim of inspiring future generations to do the same.
  • Yanez,-Laura_145x135
    Laura Yanez
    Federal Way
    Laura came from Colombia to the US six years ago with her family and is currently pursuing an Associate’s degree in Human Services at Highline College. She is an advocate for immigrants, Adult Basic Education (ABE) students, English as Second Language (ESL) students, the LGBTQ community and those whose voices are oppressed. Laura wants to become a college Dean for Student Programs and a national keynote speaker to inspire and impact college students’ lives.
  • Parisa Yekalamlari
    Gig Harbor
    Parisa is attending New York University. She is currently undecided, but leaning towards an undergraduate concentration that combines politics and nutrition. In the past, Parisa worked extensively for reproductive justice. She currently works primarily with LGBTQ and low-income communities. Her advocacy has inspired a strong passion toward ending the inaccessibility of healthy foods within marginalized communities. Parisa plans to become a community organizer dedicated to eradicating food deserts. 
  • Zecena,-Ruben_145x135
    Ruben Zecena
    San Salvador, El Salvador
    Ruben is a queer activist at Washington State University where they study English Teaching, Women Studies, and Queer Studies. They are a Social Justice Peer Educator for WSU’s Equity & Diversity Department. In this position, they create workshops and facilitate discussions about social justice issues with the purpose shifting conservative climates of Eastern Washington. Ruben hopes to become a high school English teacher and incorporate queer methodologies in their pedagogy. Ruben is the recipient of a Rich Thoelke Memorial Scholarship.

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