Member-Candidate Profile: Lacrecia "Lu" Hill

by Lacrecia "Lu" Hill
| Jul 16, 2021
As a membership organization, we invite all our members running for elected office each year to submit a statement to their fellow members. GSBA is a nonpartisan organization and does not endorse candidates, and this statement should not be construed as an endorsement by GSBA, its Board, or its staff.

Lacrecia "Lu" Hill, running for Spokane City Council, District 3

I am Lacrecia “Lu” Hill (she/her) I am a lightly melanated mixed race, Black and white, queer, able-bodied human living in the inland Northwest, Spokane, WA. This region is the traditional ancestral unceded territory of the Spokane and First Nations that have and continue to be stewards and protectors of the land and water. 

I love Spokane, four generations of my family have called Spokane home. I was born into the most economically depressed zip code in the state 99207. This experience deeply shaped my belief in economic opportunity for all. I am running for Spokane City Council District 3, because the path I was able to access for opportunity is becoming more narrow and for some in our community is nonexistent. We have to have humans able to address our housing crisis, public safety, and the economy. 
I have spent my career being a servant leader and ensuring others see the leader in themselves. I am committed to the growth of a regional-based economy and the significant role small businesses play. I believe that we must implement the quadruple bottom line; people, planet, policy, and profit. As we strengthen our regional economy we must ensure that folks are not left behind and more LGBTQIA2+ and BIPOC humans are guiding these policies and conversations.

I have served Spokane through the non-profit, philanthropic, and business sectors. I worked for Boys & Girls Clubs for over 7 years,  in Vegas, Rural Oregan, and right back home to Spokane. I have raised millions of dollars and engaged families to create health and safety through programs and community initiatives. In 2014, I was recruited by Empire Health Foundation. I worked closely with Better Health Together to addressing houselessness through low barrier supportive housing and community health workers. In the last four years, I became an entrepreneur in the Cannabis industry and built out a production & extraction facility, developing top brands in the state, and annual revenue of $3 million. I know it will take public/private partnerships to address our housing, economic, and public safety realities here in Spokane. I am here for it! 

I have spent my career Listening, Facilitating & Educating. I enjoy bringing diverse stakeholders together, reviewing data, developing budgets, listening to find solutions, and making hard decisions. I could not think of a better use of my experience, time, and skills than to serve my neighbors and extended neighbors in district 3. 

I own a consulting business (Wake the Culture/LMH Consulting) and I am a Yoga Teacher (The Wake Yoga). I have a BA in Psychology and an MBA. I currently serve as board president of Spectrum LGBTQIA2+ Center, I also represent Spectrum on the Spokane Regional Domestic Violence Coalition. I am on the INBA (Inland Northwest Business Alliance) board, as well as the WA State LGBTQ+ Commission’s economic development committee. Most recently, I have worked with a group of humans to establish the first Black chamber of commerce in Spokane. I have the lived and professional experience that Spokane City Council needs!