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GSBA Reflects on Black History Month

by Louise Chernin
| Feb 18, 2019

It’s Black History Month: how are you using this time to honor black lives?
Facing discrimination and being invisible in history books is not new to black and LGBTQ people. To address the egregious omission of our histories, marginalized communities have collectively demonstrated, gone on strike, been arrested and incarcerated, and lost lives. We've changed laws, created organizations, and advocated for a more inclusive educational system. We have used our own personal resources by making intentional decisions on how and where we spend our money and time.
Let’s continue this movement of righting history during Black History Month by learning about the intersections of identity, supporting our local black and African-American owned businesses, and hearing the truths of black LGBTQ experiences which have been historically persecuted and silenced, and still are to this day. Take time to be intentional not only where you spend your money, but where you get your news, where you donate your time, and which organizations you will make a gift to - not only during February, but every month, all year.
GSBA members can check-out this list of black-owned businesses in Seattle put together by GSBA fellow member, Intentionalist. To learn more about the incredible, often unacknowledged, contributions and history of our local black community, enjoy a visit to our Northwest African American Museum.
A month is just a start. A lifetime commitment is what we need to address racism, homophobia, transphobia, sexism, ableism, ageism and xenophobia faced by marginalized communities who have been silenced through invisibility, bias, and discrimination. Let’s celebrate Black History Month by taking personal responsibility to seek out truth, honor black lives, listen and act in solidarity, and make a difference.
For Equality,
Louise Chernin
President & CEO


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