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Incubator: Spring 2020 Cohort

by Levi Coffin, Business Training Specialist & Grant Manager
| Sep 14, 2020
Andrew "Ace" Houston (he/him)
House Cosmopolitan (Website/Instagram/Twitter)
Andrew Grant Houston, known by his friends as Ace, is an architect and urban designer who is passionate about changing the way people live in cities and is focused on creating places where individuals thrive together and culture is celebrated. A mixed-race and queer individual, his appreciation of culture also expands to his interests: he loves eating all types of cuisine, enjoys foreign music and films, and speaks four languages. You can usually find him around Seattle listening to new music, coming up with a new design idea, or trying a new restaurant. Ace is a resident of Seattle, however as a 5th generation Texan also spends time in his adopted hometown of Austin.

House Cosmopolitan is an architecture and design house that is committed to unique and engaging projects that improve city life. Through the creation and reinterpretation of spaces and experiences, the practice aims to provide places where people feel like they belong and see themselves represented. 

Gerard Miller (they/them)
Altared Roots (Instagram)
Gerard has 15+ years experience as a community organizer, 10 years experience in crafting hair & body products, and 10+ years experience as a nonprofit service provider. They are a skilled thespian with experience on the stage, in playwriting, and with technical theatre. A multifaceted performer, Gerard is also known for telling great stories and sharing information in a relatable and accessible way. Gerard has a heart for the people and hopes to live a life of service to their communities. They are a musician, dancer, poet, storyteller and educator. 

The owner and operator of Altared Roots, Gerard seeks to help others take care of themselves body and mind through their line of holistic body care products , birthwork, and education offerings. A passion for healing and a deep respect for nature and tradition guide the work of Altared Roots. 
Altared Roots seeks to help others take care of themselves body and mind through its line of holistic herbal remedies & body care products, movement workshops, birthwork, and community education offerings to build up the individual and the culture. Started in 2012 as Wazojan Enterprises, we aim to bridge gaps in knowledge and in services, especially for historically under-represented groups. 

As much as possible, we use organic and fair-trade supplies from local vendors in an effort to reduce our energy footprint and support the move toward resource independence for marginalized communities. At Altared Roots, we pride ourselves on providing the best possible services, as well as products with the highest-quality ingredients. What goes on your body goes in your body, and can impact your physical health and your mental/emotional well-being.