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Incubator: Winter 2020 Cohort

by Levi Coffin, Business Training Specialist & Grant Manager
| Sep 14, 2020

Yes Segura (he/him, they/them)
Smash The Box (Website/Instagram/Twitter)
Yes Segura is a first-generation El Salvadoran American, who was born and raised in Richmond, Virginia. After receiving his MS in Planning from Florida State University, Yes moved from Tallahassee to Seattle in 2016 to live in a place that provides transgender people with a high quality of life. His passion for topics that intersect transportation, equity / LGBTQIA+ rights, and urban design brought him into underserved communities, conducting grassroots advocacy work with queer individuals and People of Color through his consulting business Smash the Box. Yes has provided valuable work with organizations such as Seattle Neighborhood Greenways, Transportation Choices Coalition, AIA Seattle, the LGBTQ Planning Division of the American Planning Association, University of Washington Law School, Cleveland State University, and he has presented at the United Nations Seattle Sustainable Development Goals event. 

Yes is currently Director of Communications for Young Professionals of Transportation International (YPT) and serves as the Chair for  Young Professionals in Transportation Seattle (YPT Seattle). Yes continues to host panels and talks about his work, passions, and bringing together experts in the field of transportation.

Smash the Box (StBox) was established in 2017 to address the lack of People-of-Color-owned urban planning services both in Seattle and throughout the U.S. This small consulting organization provides multidisciplinary community driven services to educate, equip, and empower underserved communities. Their services include autonomous vehicle research and design solutions, planning, maps, graphic design, and marketing and communications. StBox has three core values: Sustainable, Inclusive, and Innovative. These values also align themselves with 5 out of the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Their vision reflects the philosophy of “Start small, think big”, from turning pie-in-the-sky ideas into reality. They are set on establishing transportation design lab(s) that will enable communities to generate and implement ideas that will help to build future smart cities for all.

KJ Williams
(blended pronouns) 
Rise With KJ (Website/Instagram)

KJ holds a BA in Urban Studies from the University of Washington, and a MPA from Seattle University. KJ has served as member of the City of Seattle LGBT Commission, University of Washington School of Law Diversity Committee, the Board of Directors for the Initiative for Diversity, and the University of Washington School of Law Gates Scholarship Committee.

KJ is an alum and faculty for JustLead Washington’s Equal Justice Community Leadership Academy. In 2015 KJ received the Community Service Award from the Loren Miller Bar Association, dedicated to addressing disparities in the African American community. KJ has written for Black Women’s Blueprint, For Harriet, NWLawyer and NWSidebar.

KJ Williams is Owner and Founder of RISE with KJ, LLC (Radical, Insightful, Solutions to Create Equity). Under this umbrella KJ facilitates the work of diversity, equity and inclusion by working with organizations, groups and individuals across industries. The work of RISE is grounded in the belief that working from the inside first develops the infrastructure necessary for change, sustainability, and growth. While working as the Diversity Program Manager for the Washington State Bar Association KJ originated the “Inside – Out” philosophy as the working premise behind the inaugural diversity and inclusion plan. In her role, KJ provides equity and inclusion leadership to WSBA’s 40k+ members and functions as an internal consultant to the WSBA Board of Governors, and as an external consultant, educator, speaker and facilitator to law schools, legal organizations, law firms, student groups and individuals. 
Gabriel Bello Diaz (he/him) 
AntiSocial (Instagram)
GabrielBello Diaz is a community organizer focused on giving access and opportunities to collaborating artists and activists who are aligned with supporting their communities. With a background in public education he lead a 6th-12th grade STEAM engineering classroom developing project from building houses for the homeless to participate in city exhibitions to showcase their innovation within the classroom. He hopes to bring more tech into community access through education and work with various programs as STEAM arts instructor for youth. After a year of running a physical space dedicated to giving artists opportunities to popup exhibition space in downtown Seattle he is moving his work to a publication, AntiSocial, that continues to highlight the voices he’s been supporting and being supported by. With this magazine he aims to showcase a high level of collaboration within the various cultural and artists communities in Seattle.

AntiSocial is an arts and fashion magazine focused on highlighting the narratives of artists in Seattle through a multidisciplinary visual exploration of the vulnerability behind the scenes of making it happen. With over 125+ collaborators already, each article is written from the artists perspective and each photo is generated through the combination of our featured artists with local photographers, fashion designers, jewelry makers, hairstylists and other artistic visionaries depending on the shoot. The ad space for AntiSocial focuses on supporting the visibility of small businesses and our lens of equity and inclusion centers around highlight voices of black, brown, LGBTQA+, youth and other marginalized or silenced communities who do not have accessibility to this type of publication. AntiSocial is a response the beautiful collaborations that exist in our communities and creating a space where these stories can be appreciated and elevated. We believe the work of these artists deserves a stamp in history beyond the clout of social media, and create professional content for their career. I hopes of launching Spring 2020 we are currently setting foundation for this publication to be sustainable and financially viable for the artists volunteering their time now to get Volume 01 off the ground. 

Enjoli Izador (she/her, they/them)
Enjoli Izifor Design (Website/Instagram)
Enjoli was born and raised in Seattle, moved away for about 10 years for college and to play professional basketball in Europe, and has been back for about 11 years. I really enjoy traveling and gaining perspective by seeing other parts of the world, so I’m extremely grateful for that experience. I moved back to Seattle because of my roots here, and I love my city but don’t love all of the changes I see happening the last several years. I want to do my part to help highlight the voices of those that are being left out of the discussion, so I’m happy that my profession and passions align in a way that can help me do that. 

I’m a designer with 11 years experience, aiming to partner mainly with non-profits and small businesses that are working to elevate marginalized communities. Specializing in branding & visual identity, I design for good. 
ChrisTiana ObeySumner (they/them)
Epiphanies of Equity (Website/Twitter)
CEO and principal consultant, ChrisTiana ObeySumner has dedicated nearly two decades of their life and career to amplifying the importance of social equity through the lenses of critical race theory and existential social psychology –particularly through frameworks of: Narrative identity development and its role in cultural humility and allyship; Intersectionality and social models of disability justice; Bridging awareness to the lived experience of race, racism, racialized ableism and antiblackness, and; Dismantling neuropsychological and psychosocial paradigms underlying social injustice and inaction. These goals are pursued through social impact and accountability measurement structures, mentoring, public speaking/yelling, and grassroots community advocacy.  
Epiphanies of Equity LLC is a Diversity, Social Equity, Inclusion and Intersectional Disability Consultancy. We provide full-service consulting ranging from trainings and facilitation, to organizational equity scans and strategic planning.