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Assistant Administrator in Entertainment Booking

Aug 23, 2021
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Job Description

Looking for an assistant administrator in the entertainment booking business, to provide support services for performers and customers as well as assistance with resources for our agents (Talent Coordinators) in various locations in the US. The ideal candidate should be versatile, flexible and good natured with good skills in a variety of areas such as:

Experience in sales, follow-up and CRM. Making initial contact with potential customers; following through the booking process; Booking and contracting for both in office contracts and outside agent contracts involving very specific and detailed contracts and planning worksheets; Extreme organizational skills to handle; Great person to person contact skills, management abilities and an enjoyment of interacting personally with people all day every day. Good business instincts to know what needs to be done and how to best accomplish it on the fly.

A background as a professional musician. Having a high level of comfort in every aspect of music performing, booking, load in, logistics and event coordination; Talking and negotiating with just about every kind of performing artist; Checking availability and prices for specific performances and working as a liaison between customer and artist.

Reasonable experience with current office technology and trends. Excellent English, grammar and writing skills for internal systems as well as a good working knowledge of writing for blogs as well as a strong understanding of all major social media platforms. At some point you may be working with a dedicated social media professional.

Be strongly focused and results oriented. This position is ideal for a professional local musician who has the additional skills and would like to have a base of part time income but still have the freedom and flexibility to do their own gigs on a regular basis. It is not a good fit for someone who is looking for a fill in or seeking a short term job, since there is a steep learning curve for some of the internal systems in order to do this successfully. We want someone who truly enjoys the job and the people and would like to stay around and grow with it as it evolves with them.

It is perfect for someone who is very organized and able to wear a number of different hats at any given time. Attention to detail, versatile, driven, freethinking, flexible and entrepreneurial in spirit. Someone who may often be heard to say “Why Not!” Someone comfortable doing menial tasks as well one day and managing and delegating for large projects the next. A take charge personality who is confident and not afraid to get their hands dirty.

We anticipate it would start at 20 hours per week, somewhat flexible as long as it is during business hours 9-5. Candidates need to be fully vaccinated.

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