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Policy Analyst

Jul 8, 2020
Seattle Logo
City of Seattle
Position Description

The Office of the Community Police Commission (CPC) is looking for a collaborative and innovative policy advisor to support policy initiatives of the Commission and the community that that will enhance public trust and confidence in policing and the criminal justice system. The Policy Advisor serves as an advocate for structural change, grounded in principles of racial equity and social justice. This means identifying the systems that harm people, learning from history, and being accountable to community. Today, this work is more important than ever.  We are looking for a Policy Advisor to join our team who is excited about leading change, highly motivated around problem solving, and will lead with a focus on racial equity and collaboration with community.

Here's more about the mission of the office:
The CPC is the administrative and policy support entity of the Community Police Commission. The CPC is charged with providing community oversight and input on the police reform efforts that are the subject of a Settlement Agreement between the City and the U.S. Department of Justice regarding police practices.  The CPC provides an independent forum for dialogue and widespread input on the reform efforts embodied in the Settlement Agreement and Memorandum of Understanding established by the Department of Justice. Ongoing community input is a critical component of achieving and maintaining constitutional and effective policing. The CPC leverages the ideas, talent, experience, and expertise of the people of Seattle to ensure police services:

  • fully comply with the Constitution of the United States
  • ensure public and officer safety
  • promote public confidence in the Seattle Police Department and its officers.

Here's more about the role you’ll play:
In this role, you will conduct research and analysis on public policy and policing issues; evaluate proposed policy initiatives; and make recommendations to the Commission, Director, and other senior staff on a wide range of policy issues - local, regional, state, and national. You will do this by working with other policy advisors; budget and fiscal policy analysts; City departmental staff; and community. Many of these projects span many months, and often culminate in new policy, law, procedures, or programs, with real impacts on the lives of Seattle residents.

You will support policies, partnerships, systems, platforms, and networks that would make Seattle more just, vibrant, and inclusive. Your major priority will be to provide expert counsel and collaboration to the Commission and community to identify opportunities to promote effective and constitutional policing. Recent initiatives include reviewing and providing input to city partners on the police accountability system, police services, and the Seattle Police Department's policies and practices, as well as advocating for reforms to state law that will enhance public trust and confidence in policing and the criminal justice system.


Job Responsibilities

Here’s more of what you’ll be doing:

  • Conducting policy research and analysis on policing topics such as crowd management, stops and detentions, bias-free policing, use of force, workforce development, and crisis intervention.
  • Developing written products, including policy briefs, research memos, and presentations that concisely and clearly describe complex analyses and policy recommendations for CPC commissioners, the Mayor, the City Council, and/or the community.
  • Assisting with all aspects of implementation of police accountability legislation, particularly efforts to increase collaboration with police accountability system partners such as the Office of Police Accountability and the Office of the Inspector General for Public Safety.
  • Collaborating with senior CPC staff to develop long-range strategies to guide the CPC's work.
  • Planning and participating in policy-focused meetings with CPC commissioners, Seattle Police Department command staff, advocates, and local experts.
  • Ensuring that senior staff and CPC commissioners are aware of relevant project developments and that other work in the field is leveraged for the advancement of CPC goals.
  • Developing and expanding a knowledge base on policing and criminal justice system dynamics and best practices.

Your effectiveness in this role will depend on your ability to:
  • Provide strategic recommendations. Collect and analyze data, policy proposals, laws, and rules - developing and evaluating alternatives and choices with clear options and recommendations.  Conduct research and analysis on issues coordinating closely with other City departments, partners, and community.  Track constitutional policing innovations across the Country. Provide strategic perspective on policy through reports, briefings, and presentations. 
  • Align for success. Elevate policy expertise within the City and community – encouraging ideas and solutions from all levels of government and community. Develop partnerships across the City, and with community members, to ensure the best policy recommendations come before the Commission.
  • Communicate with clarity. Prepare and deliver persuasive oral and written presentations summarizing key elements of analysis and recommendations   Respond appropriately to requests on key issues and constituent responses.
  • Champion equity. Address racial disproportionality in policing. Collaborate with diverse communities to ensure their voices are heard and their expectations are reflected in the policing of the City
  • Inspire a culture of excellence and inclusion. Support a continuous and consistent flow of communication regarding our work within the Office and with stakeholders.  Seek to solve problems and create innovative ideas through collaborative teamwork and respectful relationships.

You will be prepared for this role if you have the following knowledge and skills:
  • Formal training in public policy advocacy, analysis, and research.
  • A deep understanding of public policy development and implementation.
  • Knowledge of police accountability systems, police services, and policing policies and practices.
  • Understanding of how institutional racism and government has contributed to inequality.
  • Proficiency with Microsoft Office suite productivity tools.

You will be most successful in this role if you have experience in any of these areas:
  • Supporting public policy development and/or implementation.
  • Professional and technical writing (memos, summaries, white papers, etc.).
  • Building and maintaining trusted relationships with community.
  • Promoting transparency and accountability within, and by, government.



You will be most successful if you are a collaborative, innovative, and experienced professional with a demonstrated commitment to an integrated and equitable approach to public policy. The work of this position requires demonstrated subject matter expertise in public policy advocacy, analysis, and research. Your work must be centered in racial, social, and economic justice and demonstrate strong problem-solving as well as analytical skills and understanding of public policy and the policy-making process.  You must have a reputation as a strong collaborative partner, exercising a high level of tact, good judgment, discretion, diplomacy, and cooperative working relationships with diverse groups of people.

You must be self-motivated and well-adapted to meet deadlines with speed, accuracy, and a professional attitude, as well as demonstrate your ability to be creative and strategic across a range of projects and work under pressure. You will need an established record of leading transparent and inclusive engagement of community in public policy issues.

Additional Information

This position is classified as a Strategic Advisor 1, Exempt and is exempt from the Civil Service System.

To be consider for the position you must include with your online application:

  • A cover letter in which you clearly describe your motivation to serve in this position.
  • A resume of your educational and professional work experience.

Please submit your application, resume, and cover letterat no later than 4:00pm Pacific Time on Tuesday, July 21, 2020. The City of Seattle values diverse perspectives and life experiences. Applicants will be considered regardless of race, color, creed, national origin, ancestry, sex, marital status, disability, religious or political affiliation, age, sexual orientation, medical condition, or pregnancy. The Office of the Community Police Commission encourages people of all backgrounds to apply, including people of color, immigrants, refugees, women, LGBTQ, people with disabilities, veterans, and those with diverse life experiences. If you have questions, please contact Lindsey King at

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