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SAFE House Advocate

Apr 7, 2022
gender justice league
Gender Justice League
For more information and to apply:

Salary: $45,000

About the job SAFE House Advocate

Job Duties

Respond to Gender Diverse Survivors of Violence & Crime

  • Be the primary point of contact for gender diverse survivors of gender based violence, hate crimes, and other forms of crime to connect with the SAFE House program.

  • Create and manage the organizational requests for financial support, mutual aid, and referral requests.

  • Prepare with each participant a self-directed individual advocacy and action plan.

  • Identify statewide community resources, organizations, and programs available to survivors of GBV, Hate Crimes, and other forms of crime.

  • Facilitate emergency housing & financial assistance requests in a timely fashion.

  • Support Advocacy Program Manager and Executive Director in fulfilling mutual aid requests.

    Administrative Tasks

    • Assist with creating, updating and maintaining printed program materials & resource directory

    • Work with Program Manager and Executive Director to complete weekly grant-expense reporting.

    • Support Communications Coordinator with promoting the SAFE House program through social media and in person events as needed.

    • Work closely with the Executive Directors and/or Development staff to perform fundraising tasks as needed.


    Outreach & Coalitions Work

    • Serve on event committees and assist with program event planning.

    • Represent Gender Justice League in GBV & Hate Crimes related coalitions and campaigns.

    • Assist Volunteer/Membership Coordinator with online recruitment of volunteers & supporters for the SAFE House Program as needed.

    • Prepare program materials for partner organizations, events, and outreach as needed.


    • 3-5 years of education, volunteer, life, and/or work experience in program management, gender based violence, or direct-service related roles.

    • 3-5 years of demonstrable experience working with two-spirit, trans, and gender diverse people through paid, lived experience, or volunteer work.

    • 1-3 years of demonstrable experience in community based advocacy based counseling (as defined by Washington State Law - this does not require a specific degree).

    • Lived experience working in or alongside trans and gender diverse communities of color.

    • Documented experience in researching local resources, supporting survivors of violence in identifying needs, and connecting them with culturally competent services.

    • Demonstrable knowledge and experience in current best practices for responding to Gender Based Violence.

    • Demonstrable experience navigating systems of oppression (such as transphobia, transmisogyny, racism, etc.)

    Package Details


    • 35-hour workweek
    • Health benefits (Kaiser HMO currently)
    • 401(k) Retirement Benefits
    • 10 self-designated paid holidays per year
    • 20 days of vacation
    • 10 days of Sick and Safe Leave
    • 4 Days Bereavement Leave annually
    • Flexible scheduling
    • Weekly time off and reimbursement for trauma stewardship activities
    • Internet and Phone Stipends



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