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The listings below are job openings from GSBA member businesses. Any questions or for further information, please contact the company directly. Any GSBA member can add a listing just send us the details and a link. To facilitate pay equity, GSBA encourages businesses and organizations to include a position's salary range in its job description before submitting to this page.

Staff Accountant

Jul 16, 2021
Dashboard Enterprises
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Dashboard Enterprises seeks staff accountant to join Team Dash.

Are you an accounting professional who loves working remotely? After all, you can bring your dog to work every day!

Founded in 2012 by "The Profit Leak Queen" Carol Soman, Dashboard’s mission is to empower CEOs and entrepreneurs with the financial data they need to maximize profits and plan for the future. For our clients, we provide technology-driven, outsourced bookkeeping, controller, and CFO consulting services with team members in across the country.

What makes for an ideal candidate?

  • Enjoys what they do, strives to always do their best, caring deeply about the quality & integrity of their work. 
  • Treats others with respect, compassion, and kindness, and is impeccable with their word.
  • Is committed to community, innovation and a healthy work-life integration.
  • Has demonstrated interest in on-going, continuing education. 
  • Is building their career and wants to grow with a company.
  • Served as a staff accountant for a minimum of 2 years in a small to mid-sized CPA firm.
  • Has experience working with small business across multiple sectors or industries. 
  • Has an exceptional understanding of bookkeeping with some experience providing day-to-day accounting and/or advisory services for small to mid-sized businesses, ranging from accounts receivables/payables to discussing financial reports. 
  • Has QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online experience. ProAdvisors are highly preferred, with experience in multiple accounting software platforms being a huge plus! 
  • Has Working knowledge of Microsoft O365.
  • Proficient in Excel is a must.

What's important to Dashboard?

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

We know the playing field is not equal and that every person has the power to change it. It is a critical aspect of our purpose to offer opportunities to all. We hold space for the stories, experiences, and ideas of others. We know equity is about action and we are committed to doing the work.

Economic Opportunity

We believe that small businesses have the power to rebuild the economy for the better. We want to work together to shape a circular economy where everyone's work is valued equally. We believe in creating meaningful economic opportunities for all.

Inspired insights

We believe in leveraging technology and learning from data to develop systems and strategies that inspire our clients’ businesses. We are obsessed with measuring the metrics that matter and creating ways to make finances more meaningful and engaging for our clients.

Conscious Leadership

We see the world of business as a powerful place to model a new type of integrated leadership that the world desperately needs. By giving back and sharing from our experiences as conscious leaders, we hope to help usher in a new era of enlightened leadership that is defined by connection, commerce, and community.

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