Date: Monday, 20 May 2019
Time: 08:00 AM to 10:00 AM
Fee: Free
Address: 400 E. Pine St., Seattle, WA
Contact: Ilona Lohrey
Phone: 206-363-9188
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We are so excited to present our special guest speaker for our upcoming Seattle Entrepreneurial Women meeting in May. Please join us and welcome Lindsey T.H. Jackson on May 20 at GSBA.

Lindsey T.H. Jackson is a storyteller, researcher, and entrepreneur. She has spent the past fifteen years studying why women fail to reach their full potential in their careers, relationships, parenting and personal health. Her company LTHJ Global and its subsidiaries are a culmination of her mission to empower at least 1 Million female leaders by 2025.

lindsey th jackson"A fear of failure is holding women back from achieving their highest potential at work, at home, and in their personal health. At a time when female leadership may be the best opportunity to save our planet and our societies, we have an opportunity to rethink women and failure.

We are seeing record numbers of women entering public office, ascending to CEO of major Fortune 500 companies, dominating in the sports arena, and leading cultural movements, but we are also seeing increases in early divorce, delayed marriage, declining birth rates in the US, and an increase in mental health conditions for women internationally. Is this the cost of female success?

When I first delved into my research I was surprised to learn how little we knew, or considered, the unique challenges of achieving as a woman, in a patriarchal landscape, at high levels. In fact, before being married and having children myself, it never even occurred to me to consider the challenges! (Oh the smugness of youth...)

It has only been in recent years that we are beginning to see more longitudinal studies like mine that center around the unique strategies that female outliers use to survive at high levels. And one of those strategies is reshaping their relationship to failure, AS WELL AS societies relationship to women and failure.

It is my belief that by rethinking women and failure we can best position ourselves to save our families, communities, corporations, public offices and environment. I believe that this is an idea worth spreading."

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