The Basics


Seattle Office of Economic Development - providing direct services to Seattle businesses, including permitting assistance, financing, advocacy, location assistance and the development of successful business districts. Includes Grow Seattle and Restaurant Success initiatives.

Seattle Office of Labor Standards - for questions on Seattle-specific employment regulations such as the minimum wage, paid sick and safe time, wage theft and criminal background checks. For a quick reference, see the 2016 Guide for Seattle Workers and Employers.

SeaTac Employment Laws - for questions on employment ordinances specific to the City of SeaTac (i.e. local minimum wage).

Washington State Dept. of Commerce -Small Business Resources

Washington State Small Business Guide

Washington State Dept. of Labor & Industries

U.S. Small Business Administration 
and the SBA's 10 Steps to Starting a Business. 

Ventures - provides business training, microloans and in-depth support to empower aspiring entrepreneurs with limited resources.

Finances & Funding

Community Sourced Capitol - providing loans for small businesses using capital directly from people in their community.

Community Capital Development - helping entrepreneurs start, grow and finance their businesses.

Washington Economic Development Finance Authority

MyDOR - Washington Dept. of Revenue secure portal for both Washington state tax and business licensing services.

Washington Dept. of Revenue guidelines on crowd funding.


Google: Get Your Business Online / Friday 15 - explore lessons to help your business succeed online, in 15 minutes or less.

HR / Management & Operations

Archbright provides a full spectrum of HR services, including training, HR, payroll, retirement, workers' comp, legal counsel and compensation consulting. All GSBA members can attend Archbright trainings at the member rate.

Do you know the difference between an employee and an independent contractor? The IRS and the Washington State Dept. of Labor & Industries have useful guides.

Cost of Hire Calculator can be used to estimate the cost and return on investment of hiring an additional employee.