Support the U.S. Postal Service

by Louise Chernin, President & CEO
| Aug 24, 2020

Members of the Washington State federal delegation,

The efficient functioning of the U.S. Postal Service must be strongly defended.

On behalf of GSBA: Washington's LGBTQ chamber of commerce and our 1,400 members across the state, we urge you to stand up strongly to defend the operations of our postal service over partisan politics.

Despite Postmaster DeJoy's defenses of his actions before Congress today, his actions to dismantle high-capacity sorting machines around the country and slow down service strongly appear to be deliberate efforts to interfere with our general election, which has only been confirmed by President Trump's own words. We know that Washington State's elections bodies have carried out universal vote-by-mail for years, and that thankfully our state is ahead of much of the rest of the country in the current circumstances. But the exemplary work of our state elections officials also relies on the dependability of the USPS.

In a time when so much commerce has shifted online and to deliveries over in-person shopping, the efficient functioning of the national mail service is critical for our small businesses to stay afloat. There are already too many stories of perishable goods rotting in sorting centers, prescriptions not arriving in time, and bills and payments arriving late. Several of our members have reported that medication for people living with HIV/AIDS is being delayed to the point where it is a threat to their health. A GSBA member in Snohomish County is one of the many farmers who have received crate-loads of dead chicks because of the delays. Every day this continues harms all Americans. Claims that the deactivation of sorting machines and slowing service delivery increase the efficiency of the postal service are demonstrably false and must be reversed.

Please take every step necessary to restore American's faith in our constitutionally mandated postal service.

Louise Chernin 
GSBA President & CEO