2022 Legislative Update: On to the Next House

by Matt Landers, Director of Public Policy & Government Relations
| Feb 21, 2022
Now that the cutoff for bills in their house of origin has passed, GSBA's list of active bills is much shorter. Here is what's left:

HB 1015 - WA Equitable Access to Credit Act
Awards grants to Community Development Lending Institutions (CDFIs) to provide access to credit for underserved small businesses. 75% of grants are reserved for rural communities. Read more from sponsor Rep. Jacquelin Maycumber and the Washington State Wire.

HB 1630 - Prohibiting weapons at municipal meetings
Prohibits open carry at city council and county council meetings, and both open and concealed carry at school board meetings and ballot counting centers. Bill sponsor Rep. Tana Senn has more.

HB 1659 - Bridge grants for WCG students
Much like the GSBA Beeks Open Arms Fund, this would allow recipients of the Washington College Grants to apply for grants for needs beyond just tuition. For more information, listen to Rep. Vandana Slatter explain her bill.

HB 1735 - Use of force by police
This legislation provides clarity to the use of force changes passed in last year's HB 1310 (which GSBA endorsed). Some law enforcement agencies had stopped responding to certain calls due to confusion around the new language. This bill provides legal certainty that law enforcement must assist crisis responders, EMTs, and firefighters when responding to those in need of involuntary treatment. For more information: Rep. Jesse Johnson

HB 1956 - Exempting sensitive records from public disclosure
This bill would exempt certain personal information of incarcerated people from public disclosure, including disability status, history of sexual assault, transgender status, sexual orientation, body scanner images of incarcerated women, and behavioral and mental health information that is outside of a medical record. This legislation is necessary because of actions by recent actions of anti-trans organizations and individuals to acquire this information in order to do harm to transgender people. Disability Rights Washington has more information.

HB 1961 - Name change fee waivers
Automatically waives recording fees for those applying for a name change who qualify as low-income under existing court rules and are unable to pay.

SB 5078 - Banning high capacity magazines
Prohibits the sales of ammunition magazines that carry more than 10 rounds. For more information see the Alliance for Gun Responsibility

SB 5553 - Early STEM metrics
Supports the ongoing creation and usage of reports to provide an in-depth look at early learning and childcare systems. Learn more from Washington STEM.

SB 5597 - Updating the WA Voting Rights Act
This update to the 2018 Washington Voting Rights Act (GSBA-endorsed) requires jurisdictions making changes to voting practices to get pre-clearance to ensure compliance with state law, makes it easier to bring a claim, and establishes a database at UW. Sponsor Sen. Rebecca Saldaña has more information.

SB 5694 - Modifying the WA paid family and medical leave act 

This update to the Paid Family and Medical Leave Act (GSBA-endorsed) makes several clarifications to the existing law, including allowing people to apply for leave up to 45 days in advance of expected leave, extending certain family caregiving leave, and allowing people to take medical leave during first 6 weeks after giving birth without needing additional certification. For more information check out the Economic Opportunity Institute.