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Ambassador Profile: Meridian Mayer

| Jun 27, 2017
Edit, August 27, 2018: Since the publication of this Ambassador Profile, Meridian Mayer has joined the GSBA staff as our Sr. Membership Services Manager. We spoke with them for an update on their role here at GSBA!

What is your role at GSBA?
I help lead several programs and initiatives including membership development, ambassadors, OUTLeads program, Travel Out Seattle – program of GSBA dedicated to LGBTQ inbound tourism, and all volunteer coordination.

What is your favorite part about being involved with GSBA?

Contributing to work that is much bigger than me, and experiencing that impact firsthand.

How can somebody get involved with GSBA or contact you?
We are always looking for new members, ambassadors, and volunteers! To learn more, contact me at or


For more about Meridian, visit their staff profile.


Original post from August 2017

2018GSBAStaff-MeridianMeridian Mayer, Sr. Manager, Membership Development & Premium Seating with the Seattle Storm

I am originally from Cleveland, OH (go Cavs!) and have been in Seattle for 7 years. When I initially moved to Seattle I was in search of wonderful, dedicated, cause-oriented people. 
I’ve always had a passion for connecting people and engaging communities, with the intent of bringing out the very best in both. Fueled by this, I’ve spent the past 5 years doing exactly that in my work with Seattle’s two-time WNBA Championship team, the Seattle Storm. 
After starting my work with the Storm, I met Louise and BOOM – I was a GSBA member (we all know how that goes)! I’ve remained active and engaged in the GSBA simply because of the people. I am grateful for who I’ve found through the GSBA, because the people make the GSBA community wonderful, impactful, and inspiring. 
Being an Ambassador is great, because we’ve all, at some point, felt like the new person at a networking event. You know the time – when you “check your emails” or pretend to accept a phone call just so that awkward feeling dissipates. Well, as an Ambassador, it’s our mission to make you feel welcomed, included, engaged, and comfortable. 
So, if you ever find yourself “checking your emails” in a room full of people at a GSBA event, look for me – I’ll be happy to help connect you!