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Donor Profile: Interchange Media, The Voice of Scholarship

by Jason Dittmer, Director of Marketing & Communications
| Nov 18, 2017

Michele Gomes and Jennifer Ting of Interchange Media Art Productions have created videos for the GSBA Scholarship Fund since 2013. In 2016 they became the official Voice of Scholarship.

We caught up with Jenny and Michele between trips to film festivals to learn a little more about their story...

“We started our business because we wanted to focus on positive storytelling,” explains Michele. “We have aligned our business model with our personal values. Our company mission is to put the eye of the camera on life sustaining values. We also contribute our success to building trusting relationships with our clients; our willingness to put in long hours, develop new skills, and invest in new technology; and networking and word of mouth referrals.”

Jenny and Michele share may passions including protecting the environment and LGBTQ equality.

They have produced documentaries and promotional materials for a variety of clients on subjects ranging from Ebola, to edible urban forests, to a backwoods legend who roams the Olympic peninsula barefoot. They have also created a PSA for the Tibetan community that was used to promote transgender rights and equality within the community, with the primary purpose of the video being shown to His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

Jenny has created two documentary films about the LGBTQ community. Her first film “Not Straight Forward,” about a Seattle lesbian who went on ten dates with ten different women, documents the political climate at the time. “Straight Into Gay America” is about a Lutheran pastor who traveled from Vermont to Washington D.C. in support of LGBTQ rights.

Their award-winning documentary “Saving Sea Turtles: Preventing Extinction,” premiered on January 17, 2017, and has since been screened at festivals and IMAX theaters across the country. The film began airing on public television stations in April 2017. “It was exciting for us to be able to witness and document how New Englanders, Southerners, and people in Mexico are working together to save a critically endangered species. The film has helped people to understand the bigger picture and overall implications of what it takes to conserve a species at risk and has inspired people to volunteer and donate to marine conservation or other wildlife organizations.”

When asked about their recent experiences traveling around the country with their film, Michele says “...we’ve witnessed that Good Will is very much alive. A great number of people care about the environment and are supporting conservation efforts all around the U.S. Actually all around the world. We have had large turnouts at screenings whether communities live by the ocean or not, so this is an indicator that many in the US are wanting to be informed about conservation and what kind of action they can take.”

“We are very honored that Jenny and Michele, two amazing filmmakers, have become The Voice of Scholarship,” says Mark Rosén, GSBA VP of Development & External Relations. “Their work has enabled us to share our students’ stories, and the vision for the GSBA Scholarship Fund, with thousands of people at home and around the world.”

Learn more about Michele and Jenny here.


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