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To our community, remembering Barbara Bailey

by Louise Chernin
| Sep 11, 2018
2018BARBARABAILEYOn September 1, the Seattle community lost one of our own. Barbara Bailey, a force tobe reckoned with. 

Barbara's strength, conviction, passion, and unwavering commitment to community, civil rights, small business, and the promotion of women in leadership has touched every aspect of our community. 

When we think of Capitol Hill businesses, it is hard not to remember the vital role Bailey Coy Books played as one of the nation’s top independent bookstores and prime gathering place of the LGBTQ community. 
Not long after opening Bailey Coy, Barbara joined GSBA and remained a steadfast supporter of our organization, the LGBTQ community, small business, and the work to elect progressive leaders. She was serious in her work and irreverent in her life, which she lived with grace. 

The Bailey family has a legacy of shaking up the world and challenging us to be the best we can be. Barbara was a founder of Pride Foundation, where she has a scholarship in her honor. Later on, her brother Thatcher would become Pride Foundation’s Board President, the founder of Bailey Boushay House, and current President and CEO of Seattle Parks Foundation; her sister Mary Ann Bailey would launch and lead the GSBA Scholarship Fund, the first LGBTQ Scholarship Fund in the U.S.

Barbara challenged us all. Her greatest gift is not to simply leave us with a memory but an amazing family and cadre of friends to continue her activism, commitment to community, and making the world better. The best tribute we can give to Barbara is to continue to fight the good fight.

We will miss you, Barbara.

Louise Chernin
President & CEO