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OUTLeads Feature: Michelle Beckman

by GSBA Staff
| Nov 20, 2018
OUTLeads is a members-only program where participants come together to share qualified leads or tips to other members of the group. We only allow one member per business sector, so there is no conflict of interest. OUTLeads is an effective way for GSBA members to increase their business; as you are selling and promoting your business, you stay aware of opportunities for other members in your group.
This week, we spoke with local realtor Michelle Beckman about how her experience with OUTLeads has helped her network with other small business owners and generate leads.

Michelle Beckman

Which OUTLeads group are you part of?
I attend the morning meeting in Wallingford.
How long have you been a member of OUTLeads?
I've been a member for about ten months.
Tell us about referrals. Which business industries do the members you’ve done business with represent?
Some meetings I've had multiple leads to provide, and during others, I didn’t have any leads to bring to the table. But by allowing me to send referrals as I incur them, clients are getting responses faster from my OUTLeads partners. If I were part of a different organization, I might have to worry about spacing out the frequency of my leads. I enjoy referring to my group while I build my real estate.
Who have you referred to?
As a real estate agent, I've referred to a window washer, architect, accountant, lender, and financial planner.
What do you enjoy about the OUTLeads meetings?
I'm glad the group meets early, because usually small business owners work day and night, so I'm able to fit it into my schedule easily. I'm also thankful for the attendance policy which helps motivate everyone to continue to participate.
OUTLeads is incredible for building my small business because I typically get invited to many “business networking” events that are closer to a social cocktail event, instead of one where I can truly learn about other business, share my own work, and see the leads turn into revenue. Another reason I selected the GBSA’s OUTLeads program (besides our LBGTQ community), is that other organizations have high fees and strict rules about a minimum of leads each person is required to provide. By OUTLeads not having a minimum, it allows the quality of the referrals to be more organic and high quality.