The GSBA Blog

We Stand in Solidarity for Black Lives & Against Racial Injustice

by Louise Chernin, GSBA President & CEO
| May 28, 2020

It might be a beautiful sunny day, but there is a very dark cloud hanging over our country. Of course, there is the cloud of COVID-19, but we believe that crisis will go away with treatment and a vaccine.

Today, my heart goes out to the family of George Floyd, another black family burying a loved one who was senselessly murdered by those sworn to protect us. This year alone, we already grieve the senseless killings of Ahmaud Arbery and Breonna Taylor, and too many black and brown Americans whose lives have been cut short because of racist violence.

The outrage and anger intermingling with our grief can be paralyzing as we continue to dismantle, shatter, and wipe out ongoing individual, personal, structural, and institutional racism that permeates every aspect of our country.
As we all try and cope with the sick feeling and outrage I know you share with me, let’s find concrete ways to address this treacherous fear and hatred within our country. It must be battled on every front, every day, in every way.

I know that the LGBTQ community continues to suffer discrimination and violence, but we have plenty of work to do even within our our community, whether in our organizations, our community spaces, or ourselves. We talk about allyship and how important it is to work for human rights for all, but it is essential that we understand true allyship must be loud and visible, even when it is uncomfortable. And above all else, it must be earned.
We can do this, but it must be a priority. No one is better at movement growing than the LGBTQ community. Racism is deadly, discrimination crushes our souls, and at this very moment it is being fed by those in power. We must find ways to stop its growing boldness.

This includes accountable police forces which must continue to address acts of violence against the black community, all communities of color, and transgender and gender-diverse people. This includes intentional decisions to change economic systems that consistently oppress large segments of our populations. This includes recognizing that our desire to be comfortable is not greater than someone else's right to live.

Wishing you courage and safety,

Louise Chernin (She/her)
GSBA President & CEO


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