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March 1 Legislative Update

by Matt Landers, Director of Public Policy & Government Relations
| Mar 01, 2021
The Washington State Legislature has now passed several cutoff dates for legislation. The next major cutoff is Tuesday March 9, when all bills must pass out of their house of origin by 5pm. Here is where a number of our priority bills stand as of Monday, March 1:

Signed by the Governor
HB 1095 - Tax exemptions on COVID-19 grants
HB 1368 - $2.2 billion in COVID-19 relief funding
HB 5061 - Unemployment insurance fixes

Passed House of Origin, Moves to Opposite House
HB 1054 - Police tactics bill
HB 1078 - Restoration of voter eligibility to felons
HB 1088 - Impeachment disclosures for police
HB 1089 - Compliance audits for police
SB 5044 - Equity, cultural competency, and dismantling racism in public schools
SB 5051 - Decertification of police
SB 5066 - Police duty to intervene
SB 5313 - Transgender healthcare protections

Passed Out of Committee, Awaiting Vote in House of Origin
HB 1213 - Fair Start for Kids
HB 1332 - Property Tax Deferrals during COVID-19
HB 1399 - Reducing barriers to professional licenses
SB 5089 - Certification of police
SB 5227 - Diversity, equity, inclusion, and anti-racism in higher education

As a reminder, you can look up the details and progress of any bill on the Legislature's website, and review GSBA's positions on some of these bills in previous blog posts: