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Welcome Ahi Martin-McSweeney, Capitol Hill Business Alliance Program Manager

by GSBA Staff
| Apr 21, 2021

AHIHaving worked parallel to GSBA for years, Ahi Martin-McSweeney (they/them) is excited to join the team as the Capitol Hill Business Alliance (CHBA) Program Manager. Ahi first encountered GSBA from behind the oyster bar their former employer, Taylor Shellfish, had donated to EQUALUX – Taste of GSBA a few years ago, and was intrigued by the organization’s role within the LGBTQ community. From that moment forward, they knew GSBA was an organization they would continue to engage with, and began serving on GSBA’s Young Professionals Advisory Council.

Ahi is thrilled to begin this transition from a career in hospitality operations, to a new chapter in community-focused work and business development. Looking forward to leveraging their skills and experiences to further the goals of the Capitol Hill business community, Ahi is driven to help revitalize the neighborhood’s economic landscape in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

After graduating from San Jose University in 2007 with a BA in Child & Adolescent Development, Ahi became the “dreaded California transplant” and relocated to Seattle. They briefly explored creative work in graphic design, before focusing on career development with Starbucks. Through several years of supervisory and management roles, they were given the opportunity to participate in Starbucks community engagement events such as Bumbershoot, UW Husky games, and the annual shareholders conference.

It was through these large-scale events that Ahi discovered their love for catering and special event management, which led them to join the Taylor Shellfish team as Catering Manager. Over their time in this role, they fostered relationships with local communities, and oversaw the catering operations expansion and the opening of three new restaurant locations.

Having lived in Seattle for 14 years, Ahi has strong ties to the city’s unique neighborhoods. They perceive the city, and particularly Capitol Hill, as being instrumental in their personal development, and are proud that their career path has remained closely intertwined with the neighborhood.

Ahi is a devoted mother to a rambunctious preschooler, and spends as much time as possible encouraging her to take life by the horns. Ahi and their child enjoy adventuring through Seattle’s park system, dipping into Lake Washington and the Puget Sound, and frequenting (pre-pandemic) their local eateries. Through it all, Ahi still finds spare time for other extracurricular activities and activism; including presiding over the Camp Ten Trees Board of Directors and participating as an owner/member of Rat City Roller Derby. 

GSBA members and Capitol Hill community members can reach Ahi here.