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Commitment to equity represented in diversity of GSBA Scholarship Fund cohort

by Jeff Boyer (he/him), Sr. Development Officer, GSBA Scholarship Fund
| Apr 26, 2021

Not everyone loves to see stats and numbers, but they are an important marker to makeed63b4e6-75f2-4728-ab1f-c0402284b0e4 sure we are truly meeting our mission of advancing equity for all. Here are some important pieces of data from your newly selected 2021-2022 GSBA Scholar Cohort:

  • 240 eligible applicants applied
  • 55 applicants were interviewed for 17 open cohort spots
  • Average scholar age is 23
  • Average GPA is 3.62
  • Average award amount is $8,333 per year, renewable up to four years through the GSBA Guarantee
  • 52% are the first in their family to attend college
  • 44% are second-generation Americans
  • 33% have lived below the federal poverty level
  • 31% have experienced homelessness
  • 26% are from a rural town in Washington
  • 20% have a disability

Screen Shot 2021-04-23 at 9.10.41 AMThese numbers represent our efforts to level the playing field for students with marginalized backgrounds and identities, ensuring that LGBTQ future leaders from all walks of life receive the support they need to obtain an education.

Are you ready to meet them?! We look forward to introducing them to you at our second virtual Scholars Celebration at noon on Friday, May 21st where we will officially award $500,000 in scholarships; taking us over $5 million invested in LGBTQ and allied students since the GSBA Scholarship Fund was founded in 1991.