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Member-Candidate Profile: Lance Randall

by Lance Randall
| Jul 19, 2021
As a membership organization, we invite all our members running for elected office each year to submit a statement to their fellow members. GSBA is a nonpartisan organization and does not endorse candidates, and this statement should not be construed as an endorsement by GSBA, its Board, or its staff.

Lance Randall, running for Seattle Mayor

Seattle is known for its beauty, diversity and innovation around the world, which is why I chose to make the “Emerald City” my home. I believe that by working together we can create a more fair and sustainable future, but we have some challenges we must overcome first.

Our economy needs to recover from the effects of Covid-19, we need to address homelessness in a compassionate but firm way, we must ensure everyone is protected through comprehensive public safety and we must maintain and improve our transportation infrastructure.

We can overcome our challenges with a leader that has a vision, a plan to solve problems, can build working coalitions and produce results. I am ready to be that leader.

For 30 years I have worked as a political scientist, economic development practitioner and entrepreneur. I have held leadership positions with a U.S. Congressman, a State Senator, Mayors, businesses, non-profit organizations, public-private partnerships, and educational institutions. My background and experience make me uniquely qualified and prepared to be Seattle’s Mayor at this exact moment in our city’s history.

As the country and world come out of the pandemic, we will search for a city modeling effectiveness, sustainability, equity, and accountability to its citizens. Seattle can be that model city. I want to leverage Seattle’s creativity and ingenuity to model a city where everyone can live freely, create, and prosper.

I have pulled together a platform explaining my plan to address topics including dignity for the homelessness, economic rebound, revitalizing our music scene, rebuilding our infrastructure, public safety, and climate. This platform invests in our people, our culture, and our future. I trust that after you read it you support my campaign and elect me to be the change Seattle needs, “A Transformational Leader for a Transforming City.”