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Incubator: Summer 2021 Cohort

by Levi Coffin, Business Training Specialist & Grant Manager
| Jul 21, 2021

Tiffany Kelly-Gray (she, her) has a background in finance and the vacation rental business. She currently owns and operates a vacation rental in the CD that I primarily operate on Airbnb.  She manage the listing, cleanings, remodels as needed and design. Is the current board chair for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at the Bertschi School,  actively engaging in strategic planning in order to move DEI initiatives forward. Tiffany also a Bachelors of Art from Seattle University in Digital Culture and Technology.

Her business will be a group of vacation rentals in a rural location in western Washington, within 3 hrs drive from Seattle. The property should be no less than 5 acres. The property will allow farming, gardening, and the growth of small orchards.  The vacation properties would allow access to visitors for classes geared toward farming, seed to table, gardening as well as biodiversity. This is often referred to as agrotourism, this business would focus on teaching children about growing their own food, understanding their environment, and caring for small farm animals.  She is particularly interested in hosting Black farming classes and camps.

Nick Albritton (he, him or they, them) brings authenticity, an open heart, and strategic leadership to his work with individuals and organizations. His professional background has traversed the non-profit sector ranging from Outdoor Education, Career Services for youth experiencing homelessness, and leadership roles within Washington States community college network. He is an engaging collaborator who has helped organizations prioritize their goals, restructure their programming, and innovate new solutions to chronic issues. Nick has a MS in Management and Leadership and is passionate about transformational, strengths-based leadership and effective change management. He is the owner of Rust and Revelry, an apparel company that designs inspiring and affirmational clothing for trans, non-binary, and queer folks. As a queer, transgender person – he knows how necessary and powerful it is to see yourself represented and celebrated in the world. He was recently published in The Born This Way Foundations collaborative book with Lady Gaga ‘Channel Kindness’. He has also facilitated Transgender and Gender Nonconforming Inclusivity Trainings, and served on the Board of Directors for Seattle Pride. In his personal time, Nick is an avid outdoorsperson who enjoys storytelling and poetry.

Heron Consulting works with small businesses who are focused on social impact initiatives, creativity, education, art, leadership, community building, and way-making for a more inclusive, heart-centered world. Heron Consulting helps small businesses who need to: outline and finalize complex projects, create structure for/restructure processes, refine their programming, automate services or communications, and innovate new solutions. As a consultant, Nick takes the time to listen and understand the unique ecosystem of factors influencing your business. Through a collaborative process, he works closely with you to find solutions that are durable and bring value to your work in the world.

Lesster Eduardo Munguia Nieto
(he, him) is a photographer based in Seattle, Washington who specializes in photographing Interiors. He grew up in a small town in Honduras: one of those strange towns in the middle of the mountains, not unlike Macondo of One Hundred Years of Solitude. His interest in photography began with helping his mother shoot weddings at 9 years old. After studying Biology at UNAH, he moved to Seattle, Washington, to work in environmental restora8on with Earthcorps and later served as a program manager for Entre Hermanos, a Latino LGBTQ+ nonprofit. Throughout these different roles, he continued developing his craft of photography.

Fishmoon Productions was born in January 2021 as a result of Lesster's passion for photography. This business offers production of Interior & Exterior Photography & Videography for Real Estate Agencies & Architecture firms; as well as production of commercial photography and videography for companies and nonprofit organizations.