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Get to know Ensembl, a browser-based meeting platform

by GSBA Staff
| Sep 13, 2021

ensemble logoThe popularity of remote work over the past year and a half has demonstrated the immense need for comprehensive, user-friendly meeting software. GSBA Member Trip Terrano and his team at Ensembl have created a platform that does just that. Ensembl is a browser-based meeting platform that utilizes automated and smart tools to keep meetings on point and on time. It removes much of the administrative minutia that bogs down facilitators by providing the tools for those looking to run meetings that are on time and productive.

Ensembl is a unique meeting platform because it focuses on user-experience and organization, and elimates the need to keep several tabs open to keep track of agendas, links, sharing docs, files, etc., Ensembl’s technology keeps all meeting documents in one window. Even better, all files are kept together in perpetuity on a member’s Ensembl account, which allows all members of a group or meeting to access all notes at the click of a button. The platform is designed with accessibility in mind—it can be used on a phone, for virtual events, or for combination in-person and online meetings. This technology keeps everyone on the same page, no matter where they may be.

The Ensembl team created the program with diversity, equity, and inclusion as its foundation. The two co-founders, Trip and Michael Gifford-Santos, met while serving on the board of directors of the Hawaii Island HIV/AIDS Foundation, where their focus was to ensure clients of all backgrounds were honored and served by their mission and with equity. This mindset formed the foundation of Ensembl, as the two formed the platform with the intent to make it easy and accessible to all groups-from mutual aid to corporate organizations.

COVID-19 was a difficult time for many start-ups, but the Ensembl team took advantage of the opportunity to expand their support for remote work.

ensemble app“We originally designed our first versions of Ensembl to be used around the conference or board room table with laptops and tablets. As I had been producing meetings in this manner for decades and came to realize the amount of resources created (and number of trees destroyed by mountains of paperwork), Ensembl was a great digitized solution to that level of waste,” Trip explained. “As the pandemic took hold, we quickly realized that the traditional workplace was changing rapidly and probably forever. We shifted to include teleconferencing, video conferencing, and now mobile apps, to allow anyone, anywhere fully participate in any Ensembl. It has enhanced our vision in a remarkable way and taken us in directions we didn’t think possible at our start.”

If you would like to try their innovative new approach to meeting management, you can visit Ensembl at Ensembl.App, where anyone can sign up for a free account and start running their own meetings. They are looking forward to sharing their platform with nonprofits serving the LGBTQ+ community first, to further their vision for the advancement and success of our collective community