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Member Spotlight: InSpark Coworking

by Tracey Warren, InSpark Coworking
| Mar 30, 2018

InSpark Coworking SpaceI believe community is the key to success in life and business. That is why I do what I do and ALSO why I joined GSBA! This is a community that practices what they preach with amazing grace and without judgement of any kind—something we need way more of in the world right now.

As a community creator and connector, InSpark Coworking was exactly the right business for me to open! We are the first and only dedicated coworking space in Snohomish County right now! 

Inspark LogoWe are the cure for the isolation and distractions of working from home and as a community, we provide an amazing place to work with all the amenities you would expect and some of the unexpected—support for one another, weekly workshops, on-the-spot brainstorming opportunities and maybe even the random dance break. (We have also been known to break into song.)

But, don't mistake our fun for not getting work done, because that is the point! There is something remarkable about joining with other entrepreneurs, business owners, and remote workers in a space that brings new accountability and energy to your work. Our members tell us all the time how much more productive they are when they are here! And, our location is super convenient—right where I-5 and I-405 meet! Memberships start at just $100 per month and your first visit is always free.

Tracey Warren
InSpark Coworking, (206) 228-6757