Member Spotlights

This coworking space is ensuring entrepreneurs from marginalized communities have access to vital infrastructure

by Robbi Anthony
| Jul 13, 2018

This week, we are featuring a new member—Praxis Coworking. GSBA member span the entirety of Washington State, and this new member is located in Spokane! Join us in welcoming this values-driven organization.

My name is Robbi Anthony and I am the founder of Praxis Coworking based in Spokane, Washington.

We’ve recently announced a program called Second Wind. Second Wind is the philanthropic arm of Praxis Coworking that aims to give entrepreneurs from marginalized communities and groups an opportunity to get their second wind in entrepreneurship and life.

We will be giving people access to this coworking space to give them the digital and physical infrastructure they need to start, grow, and sustain a business of their own without the financial burden that is associated with a space like this.


We are looking for the support from other established businesses to help make this program financially sustainable.

Our goal is to recruit an initial 300 businesses who can contribute $10 a month. This will provide 12 up-and-coming entrepreneurs with a space of their own to work on their projects. Donors will have input on who is awarded the scholarship, invitations to events at the space, and access to a podcast that details the incredible stories of these entrepreneurs.


We know that when everyone is at the table, that is when the best work, collaboration, and projects take place.

We decided to become a GBSA member because the values of the GSBA aligns with the heart and soul of our organization's mission, and we want to connect with other members of the organization.


If you’re interested in learning more about Praxis Coworking’s Second Wind program, you can visit our website. If you are in Spokane feel free to visit our space and attend upcoming events that are typically promoted on our Facebook page.

$10 a month can change someone's life by giving them the means to pursue entrepreneurship in an environment free of discrimination or judgment. This is a very tangible opportunity to give those a leg-up who need it the most. We need the support of this community and we are so grateful for the financial support and helping to spread the word!