Member Spotlights

Documenting queer lives: Dylan M. Austin Photography

by Dylan M. Austin
| Aug 02, 2018

This week, we are featuring a new member—photographer Dylan M. Austin. Join us in welcoming Dylan.

2018MEMBERSPOTLIGHT_DylanMAustin1_200x250I was always the kid that picked up family members' disposable film cameras to use up all the remaining shots. In high school I kept that enthusiasm through film classes, learning dark room developing processes, and manually rolling my own film.

Once I picked up a DSLR for the first time, friends and family started asking what my rates would be for things like senior portraits (a question I had no idea how to answer at first!) and it all just happened from there. I did portraiture part-time until I finally decided I wanted to make it my career, and here we are!

Aside from what pays the bills, I spend a significant amount of time photographing what I want to see better represented in media.

I photograph drag queens, top surgery scars, sex-positive and nude imagery, queer musicians and performers. It's important to me to use my platform and skills to document the queer experience and use those photos to spread messages and promote other artists.


To me, equality is good business means that businesses, big and small, have a voice to be heard and an opportunity to represent values in the communities they do business in. Members of GSBA have a special platform to demonstrate how equality is a critical factor in business and setting a standard for the ethics and humanity that we so need in our businesses.


I have known about GSBA for some time and think organizations like this are critical to the community and necessary to bolster each other's ventures and success. My accountant, my fellow photographers, and more always told me about the organization, so I knew I needed to join!

I'm all over Seattle, so please say hi! The best place to get in contact with me and see what I am up to is my website,!

I am thrilled to meet new people—it is one of the greatest parts of what I do. Let's work together—be it headshots or something super creative!