Member Spotlights

Incubator: Summer 2020 Cohort

by Levi Coffin, Business Training Specialist & Grant Manager
| Sep 14, 2020


Manuel Torres (he/him, they/them) 
Manifest Your Will (Instagram)
Manuel Torres is a local artist who grew up in Yakima, WA and a child of immigrants. They graduated from Western Washington University with a B.A. in Visual Journalism with studies in French and Spanish. Manuel is the first person in their family to graduate from university, and obtain a professional degree.

Manuel selects each crystal with purpose in mind + hand wraps every pendant. One-of-a-kind crystal companions wrapped in reclaimed copper – electrical wiring remnants given new life. This metal is said to amplify the energy of the crystal. A classic leather cord with a sliding knot suspends the pendant.

Sam I'Am
Perfect Pronouns (Website/Instagram)
Sam I'Am is a nonbinary performance artist paving the way for pronoun visibility for all through their small business Perfect Pronouns, selling enamel pronoun pins out of the tiny home they built themself.


Positively Positive (they/them) 
Positively Positive Education Productions LLC (Website/Instagram)
Positively Positive facilitated programs and activities for children and youth as a summer camp counselor for over 15 years in different leadership capacities. They completed in-service sessions on diversity and creative writing, develop curriculum, tutored low-income and atrisk youth, and participated in teaching classrooms for Youth Speaks Seattle as a Youth Spokes Advisory Member and a mentor. They allocated support for children impacted by HIV/AIDS, facilitated creative art activities, and delegated excellent problem solving skills as a camp counselor for Rise ‘N Shine Seattle, WA. They earned a bachelors in sociology and a graduate certificate in environmental education from Islandwood.

The founder of Positively Positive Education Productions, LLC is {multiply marginalized} black, queer, transgender, HIV+ since birth, Asexual, Aromantic and a survivor of childhood violence. Positively Positive is {asexual} “Ace” typically they do not experience sexual feelings, desires nor are sexually attracted to anyone. Positively Positive is {aromantic} “Aro” because typically they have no interests or desires for romantic relationships. 

Positively Positive is {one of the only artists in the entire world} that has spoken word poetry, hip-hop music, and workshops about {living with HIV since birth} and about a person who is aromantic, asexual, black, transgender and queer. {Asexuals} and {Aromantics} are a demographic {part of the LGBTQ community} missing from the overall conversation so Positively Positive bridges that gap.


Emily Alexandra (she/her)
RE:BIND / REBIND (Website)
Emily Rose is a trans woman entrepreneur that has innovated in the media space, tackling organic growth head on and employing strategies outside the confines of the typical ad-supported / metric dominated market. She has a background in video / audio content  production, streaming, and writing. RE:BIND is a Video Games Critique & Media outlet, small publishing house