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As of 3/30/21


This page shows the bills that GSBA has taken a position on in the 2021 Washington legislative session. 

Like the federal Congress, Washington state has a bi-cameral (i.e. "two chambers") legislature. Bill can be introduced in either the House of Representatives (labeled HB and numbered between 1000-3000) or the Senate (labeled SB and numbered between 5000-7000).

Bills must be passed by both chambers to be signed into law by the Governor. This involves a bill being heard in a specific committee, then being approved by the budget committee if there is a cost, and finally voted on the floor of the chamber. Sometimes both chambers have their own version of a bill, known as "companion bills". Sometimes only one of these bills gets through the process, sometimes each bill passes its own side of the Legislature. To become law, one single bill must be approved by both sides. Therefore the Legislature will choose one version to agree upon and pass that one. In the list below, we have indicated in bold which of the two companion bills seems to be advancing.


GSBA-supported bills that have passed the Legislature and been signed by the Governor

SB 5061 - Fixes for Unemployment Insurance
HB 1095 - Tax exemptions on COVID-19 grants
HB 1368 - $2.2 billion in federal COVID-19 relief funds


GSBA-supported bills actively considered by the Legislature

HB 1054 - Requirements on police tactics (passed House)
HB 1078 - Restoration of voter eligibility (passed House and Senate)
HB 1088 - Impeachment disclosures for police (passed House and Senate)
HB 1089 - Compliance audits for police (passed House)
HB 1213 - Fair Start for Kids (passed House)
HB 1267 - Independent investigations of police (passed House)
HB 1310 - Use of force by police (passed House)
HB 1320 - Modernizing protection orders (passed House)
HB 1332 - Property tax deferrals during COVID-19 (passed House)
HB 1399 - Reducing barriers to professional licenses (passed House)
SB 5044 - Equity, cultural competency, dismantling racism in public schools (passed Senate)
SB 5051 - Oversight and accountability for police (passed Senate)
SB 5066 - Police Officers' Duty to Intervene (passed Senate)
SB 5227 - Diversity, equity, inclusion, and anti-racism in higher education (passed Senate)
SB 5259 - Law enforcement data collection (passed Senate)
SB 5313 - Gender Affirming Care Act, prohibits health insurance discrimination against trans and gender-diverse people (passed House and Senate)
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