Guiding Principles

As a chamber of commerce by and for the LGBTQ community and its allies, the policy work of GSBA is centered around two main areas: Civil Rights and Economic Prosperity. With the GSBA Scholarship Fund, Education is another important policy area for the organization. GSBA remains a leader in the LGBTQ community as well as in the business community, providing an important and unique voice and perspective.

GSBA’s top priorities will always be the areas where LGBTQ civil rights and economic development intersect, where our expertise is the strongest. Due to the diverse needs of a broad membership organization and participation in a variety of coalitions, many other related issues will arise. GSBA’s first priority will always be those issues with a particular impact on the LGBTQ community, and will next prioritize based on where our voice is unique, our expertise is relevant, or our affinity is particularly strong. GSBA often works in coalition with allied organizations and communities, and will frequently sign on in support of their efforts where others are leading the policy fight.

Proud of our role as a convener and as a nonpartisan constructive voice, GSBA will strive to be present at any negotiating table that our capacity allows. GSBA’s goals always include the creation of good policy over politics.

GSBA’s advocacy work as the progressive business voice in Washington is guided by the following principles:

  • Demand economic prosperity, safety, and health for the LGBTQ community
  • Expand, protect, and promote LGBTQ civil rights
  • Promote the vitality and development of small businesses
  • Demand equal access and opportunity for all underserved communities
  • Foster active and informed civic engagement

2019 Efforts


Policy Roundtable Archive

What to do when you experience a civil rights violation
Speaker: Colleen Melody, Wing Luke Civil Rights Division 

2019 LGBTQ Legislative Review
Speakers: Rep. Nicole Macri, Sen. Marko Liias
Olympia Rainbow Flag
After several years of advocacy, GSBA was successful in passing the Washington LGBTQ Commission through the Legislature. The Governor's office has opened the application for the inaugural Commission and we urge interested members of our community to submit their nominations as soon as possible!

Learn more about the Commission here.
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GSBA strongly an APPROVE vote on Initiative I-1000 / Referendum 88 this November. This is an important policy that will restore fairness for small businesses, veterans, women, and people of color seeking to succeed in public employment, contracting, and university admissions - without the use of caps or quotas.

Read more about our support for the APPROVE campaign.

Find our who are your elected officials and register to vote or update your registration at MyVote (part of the Washington Secretary of State's office).

Policy Roundtable

Are you interested in LGBTQ and/or small business policy issues? GSBA's monthly Policy Roundtable comes together to discuss issues of importance to the LGBTQ and small business communities. We often bring in elected officials, advocates, and other policymakers to present to our members.

Attendance FREE and is open to all GSBA members

Please contact Matt Landers, GSBA Director of Public Policy & Government Affairs, for more information.

GSBA Blog: Advocacy Posts

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