Gender Inclusion Training

Every business and organization runs a little differently with unique specialties, strengths, and weaknesses. With that in mind, we tailor our trainings individually to help organizations thrive as LGBTQ+ inclusive brands and environments. Whether it’s ensuring your workplace policies are inclusive of all genders and relationships, increasing LGBTQ+ community awareness in the workplace, or learning to better connect with the LGBTQ+ community, we are here to help you create an inclusive company culture. Pricing is dependent upon organization size. For information, please reach out to

What We Provide

A 60 – 90-minute webinar facilitation or in person training with numerous opportunities to ask questions both in a large group and anonymously. Designed to be easy to access regardless of prior knowledge, our goal is to push your organization further in your inclusion of the LGBTQ+ community. Experts share their stories, define common terms, and create a learning environment for all to leave with a new awareness and understanding of equity and inclusion.

What Sets Us Apart

At GSBA we know that equity and inclusion is a lifelong journey. We are here to be an introduction to that journey. Starting a conversation internally about how important it is to see and respect people in their full authenticity. We work on creating a safe space where folks can learn, process, and create goals for their own DEI journey. Intentions are an important foundation, but more important is the impact they have on your employees, customers, and team. We are here to support your organization in the first steps and connect you to our recommended DEI experts to continue your journey.

Training Opportunities

Elements of Allyship in the Workplace
Where can your organization do better in welcoming and inclusion? Learn skills from how to ask for someone’s pronouns to policies and system changes that can be rolled across your organization to increase diversity and inclusion.

Current Climate for LBGTQ+ folks
Marriage equality was affirmed by the Supreme Court in 2015, but how does this translate into our community? Bathroom bills never seem to stop trending and what does gender X even mean? Explore the larger picture of LGBTQ+ issues and where we are going next.

What is Gender
Explore the Gender Unicorn together to understand the difference in gender expression, gender identity, and sexual orientation. Busting common myths existing around gender.

Our Herstory
Introduce a brief history into the LGBTQ+ community; the triumphs we have made and struggles we have faced. There is a common misconception that our movement started with the Stonewall Riots and that transgender issues are new and trendy. Learn more about where we have come from and where we have yet to go.

Transphobia Today
Our transgender siblings are facing harassment and discrimination in almost every aspect of their lives, socially, emotionally and economically. Learn what daily challenges and barriers combat the trans community and how to attract the next generation of talent to your workplace.

Intersectionality & Where You Fit
As we come to understand intersecting identities how do we translate that into allowing others to show up as their whole selves in the workplace? What is power and privilege and how can we use it to leverage ourselves against oppression?

The Economics Behind Inclusion
We are finding ourselves in a world where people demonstrate their political preferences with the value of their dollar. Why is inclusion not only important for sustainability and morale of a company, but also how it helps in meeting the bottom line?

Prepare Your Workplace for the Next Generation
Generation Z is changing how we think of our workplace engagement and societal values. How are you making sure that your organization is attracting the next generation of talent?

Allyship Everywhere
Oppression is a systemic issue that also takes root in our everyday lives. Learn where and when you can incorporate more accessibility and inclusion in your everyday practices. Test out your allyship muscles in real time as we work through active ally scenarios as a group.

Transgender & Non-Binary Affirming Employer Toolkit

GSBA is proud to have partnered with the Transgender Economic Empowerment Coalition (TEEC), a group of local nonprofit organizations who teamed together to increase economic opportunity and access for the trans community in King County, to create the Transgender & Non-Binary Affirming Employer Toolkit. This document provides employers and business leaders with training, policies, recommendations, and tips to create a workplace environment that is empowering and supportive of the needs of trans employees and clients.

Download the Toolkit


It is with great enthusiam I recommend River Tesler and the GSBA Business Academy. As part of our trade relationship, River presented to the WTC Seattle membership along with members of the Seattle business community, about gender pronouns and how to be an ally in the workplace; it was a huge hit! The informaiton was digestiblke, applicable, and River provided a safe and enjoyable environment for guests to ask questions. We laughed and we cried! We are excited for our next session in 2024.

Alison Scott, Director of Memberships – World Trade Center Seattle