Free Consulting for Small Businesses & Nonprofit Organizations

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We know that small businesses and small nonprofits can excel at their product or service, but may need some extra help when it comes to running a workplace. GSBA offers a wide variety of free consulting to our members and to the community at large to help workplaces thrive, expand, and support both their clients and their staffs. 

We are here to help, whether you need access to resources, advice, a mentor, contracting opportunities, or workplace management. With the pandemic, we have assistance for continuing operation, planning for recovery and safe re-opening, supporting your workforce, and other emerging needs. GSBA can help you navigate and complete contracts and applications, offer training, and more. The list below covers some of the areas where we can help support your workplace.

Financial Planning Assistance*

  • Access to credit and loan preparation (SBA loans, financial statement reviews, P&L statement reviews)
  • Cash flow analysis (sales, assets, accounts payable/receivable, debt, expenses, income statements)
  • Inventory analysis (historical, projected, asset turnover)

  • Financial planning (return on investment, return on assets)

WA Labor & Industries Education & Training

Connect with a business training specialist to discuss main compliance rules for your small business. These trainings will include required workplace posters, bookkeeping guidelines, and tips navigating long term sick leave. GSBA can help answer any questions you have regarding WA Labor & Industries. And if we don’t know, we know who to ask to get you the answers you need fast.

Access more Washington Labor & Industries materials here.

Seattle Labor Standards Education & Training

If you own or operate a business with one or more employee within the city of Seattle, there are special regulations just for you! Seattle's labor laws are complex, but compliance is important and GSBA is here to help. In partnership with the Ethnic Chambers of Commerce Coalition, GSBA offers in-depth one-on-one training on Seattle's labor standards ordinances, including wage theft, minimum wage, paid sick and safe time, secure scheduling, fair chance employment, domestic workers ordinance, and commuter benefits ordinance. In addition to personal trainings, we provide a reference packet as well as sample policies and templates.

Access more City of Seattle compliant materials here.

Social Media Marketing

Interested in taking your Small Business to the next level? An organization or business usually has a target audience—a set of people that they believe will most likely benefit from the product or service being provided. The more you know about that target audience, the more you can target your social media marketing to that set of people. One of the best things about using Facebook for social media marketing is the suite of tools it has to help you target a specific set of people. Posts to a Facebook Page or Instagram reach the followers the organization has in its network, as well as some of the people they are connected to if it gets shared.

When you purchase ads, you can reach people outside your network– while also retaining similar demographics to your target market. Ads can be targeted to particular types of people who are likelier to want whatever your organization is offering.

If you are interested in a one on one consultation around your Social Media Presence please connect with us, we have a limited number of free ad credits that we can supply you with to help kick start your social media marketing journey.

Access more Social Media Marketing Materials here.

Workplace LGBTQ+ Competency Training

Every business and organization runs a little differently with unique specialties, strengths, and weaknesses. With that in mind, we tailor our trainings individually to help organizations thrive as LGBTQ+ inclusive brands and environments. Whether it's ensuring your workplace policies are inclusive of all genders and relationships, increasing LGBTQ+ community awareness in the workplace, or learning to better connect with the LGBTQ+ community, we are here to help you create an inclusive company culture.

Examples of previous and potential trainings: LGBTQ+ Herstory, Gender 101, Pronouns & Appropriate Etiquette, Allyship in the Workplace, Economics Behind Inclusion, Transphobia Today, Transitioning in the Workplace, What is Privilege and How To Use It.

Access some basic LGBTQ training materials here.

How to Start a New Business in Washington State

GSBA can help you get your new business off the ground with assistance around location, business type, licenses, and acquiring permits. GSBA has trained staff to help you with reviewing your business model and conducting strategic planning. You can get started with these materials.

Small Business Incubator

This new program supports queer and trans BIPOC entrepreneurs as they start new businesses. The incubator program pays for entrepreneurs and small business owners to participate in Ventures' Business Basics course and intentionally connects them to resources to grow and expand their business. The ultimate goal of this program is to empower these entrepreneurs to increase their incomes and achieve long-term financial stability. Read more here.

*This project was supported by a grant awarded by the US Department of the Treasury. Points of view in this document are those of the author and do not necessarily represent the official position or policies of the US Department of the Treasury. These funds are administered by the Small Business Resiliency Assistance Program, Washington State Department of Commerce.

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