Member Candidate: Sen. Marko Liias

by Senator Marko Liias
| Oct 12, 2018

Headshot_Senator Liias
It’s an honor to serve as a State Senator and champion policies that put people first. In Olympia, I’ve supported essential investments in jobs, transportation, housing, and mental health while maintaining reserves and cutting property taxes—an immediate relief for families. Committed to our local values, I have fought to make important progress on responsible gun reform and pass a student loan bill of rights. 

Among the important legislation I’ve championed, I’m most proud to have led the efforts to finally end conversion therapy in Washington State, a dangerous and discriminatory practice that has no place in our society. We were just the 10th state in the nation to pass this historic legislation that protects our youth from this horrendous practice. Proudly a member of the LGBTQIA+ community, passing this bill meant so much to me personally and as a meaningful way to represent the hearts and minds of my constituents. Additionally, I’ve worked tirelessly to address bullying and create safer and more inclusive schools and communities for our kids. I was honored to sponsor the digital citizenship bill–addressing Internet bullying and discrimination—which we passed with bipartisan support last session.

I’m proud to represent a new generation of Democrats and political leaders – socially progressive, supportive of small business, and unafraid to stand up to special interests. I would be grateful for our community’s continued support. 

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