Member Spotlights

Incubator: Fall 2020 Cohort

by Levi Coffin, Business Training Specialist & Grant Manager
| Feb 03, 2021

Felix Blanco (he/him)
Evolving Paths

Felix worked in the technology industry for 25+ years, developing engaging experiences for customers in the entertainment, automotive, and medical imaging fields. After completing his master’s degree in Computer Graphics, Felix’s career included working with Fortune 500 companies. His career quickly evolved and started managing people, and he found an interest on collaborating with teams and individuals to reach their goals. This new interest aligned with his value system, propelling him to start his own coaching practice. After obtaining his certification as a Professional Coach, Felix took his professional practice to the next level, where technology meets human needs.

As a professional coach with Evolving Paths, LLC, Felix empathetically and intuitively listen to his clients needs, helping them to identify potential limiting beliefs that are impacting their lives. His product technology background enables him to listen to unmet needs, as well as to create the coaching tools that are in planning stage.

Danielle Morales (she/her)
Digital Management LLC

Danielle is the first entrepreneur of her family and just getting out of corporate life. She is looking to help others with her knowledge to develop their business growth.

Digital Management LLC helps businesses market on their social media. They partner with their clients to find a strategy that works for their business!


Alanna Francis (she/her)
Alanna Francis Events & Consulting

Alanna follows her passion and her greatest impact. To evolve communities, people, and organizations past their plateau of checking diversity boxes to infiltrating with *holistic intentions integrations of systems meant to retain folx and create change. She is invested in bettering our communities through authentic intentional relationships and aligned values & morals. She is invested in seeing a world where people can live and be themselves free of the societal pressures and implications. Where they can be aligned within themselves and their businesses with a connection to who they strive to be. Our magic is always within, so what narrative is preventing you from swirling in it?

Do you envision a more connected colorful empowered educated world? So does Alanna. By connecting with her clients through holistic event planning and developmental magic she creates inclusively exclusive experiences. She is for you, are you for everybody? Holistically inclusive events with an atmosphere of exclusivity. Serving individuals and organizations rooted in creating change, invested in representation and building community. Fundraising. Diversity Equity and Inclusion. Transforming the norms of an organization to an evolution


Shaun Glaze (they/them)
Inclusive Data

Shaun Glaze is the Chief Consulting Officer for Inclusive Data. You may know them as the Research Director for the Black Brilliance Research Project - the nation's largest Black community-led research. Their company Inclusive Data helps people do research that creates true community safety, health, and thriving. But that's not all they do. They help you save money and generate wealth by teaching you the secret sauce that large companies use to create their success. They teach you how to secure grants, how to cut costs, and how to make more money. Basically, they help you turn data into dollars.